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TRAP’D Since 95 (also known as TRAP'D or TS95) is a movement supporting the Toronto Raptors of the NBA, founded by a few diehard Raptors fans.

We, like many, have been following the Raptors passionately since day one in 1995. As a collective, we decided to take our passion to the next level as we share a genuine love for the team/organization.

Our mission is Enhancing Your Raptors Fan Experience by delivering reliable information and fresh Raptors & fan-related content from our perspective. We provide fans an alternative, interactive and fun platform to share their views. We also encourage positive discussion and debate and will welcome fans from all ages and areas to weigh in on how they view this new era of Raptors.

We The North. We Defend Our Territory.

From The 6 to 6 billion, TRAP'D Since 95 is 4 Fans, 4 Better, 4 Worse, 4 Ever.

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Raptors fan since day one right here. I remember Isiah Thomas breaking through the Raptors logo proclaiming NBA basketball would finally reside in Toronto. From Damon, Alvin (Robertson), Oliver Miller, to Carlos Rogers, Zan Tabak, John Wallace and Clifford Rozier, I remember it all.

I was there that day MJ's Bulls got one of those 10 losses that first season and was hooked ever since. Drawn to this team through the ups and downs. T-RAP'D with this Raptors team for better or for worse. Always with hopes basketball would be respected in the city and in the NBA world. From Chauncey to Bosh, Vince to Dee, to Doug Christie, there have been many players we have seen fly by, but the support never wavers.

Finally, we are in a new era, where winning is expected. Big Beezee will be here watching, and cheering along with you. We are the TRAP'D, We The North, for better, for worse, forever.

- Shaun Brandon Moore


The TRAP'd Team

The one they call Bermuda aka Bermy, I was born and raised in the tiny island of Bermuda, and fell in love with basketball at a young age. I played whenever I had a chance to, and I, like many of the kids at that time, tried to emulate the great Michael Jordan. The Bulls were my favorite team growing up, but right around the time that the Raptors made their league debut was around the time that I was able to form my own opinions in life and sort of carve out my own path.

I quickly fell in love with the Raptors, and even though they weren’t winning many games, it made me appreciate the game in general more and made me crave to see them achieve success. By the time Tracy McGrady had arrived to the franchise, I knew everything there was to know about the team, and a year later when they traded for Vince Carter I was as big of a fan as anybody in Toronto!

I’ve been through every Raptors situation and emotion with y’all, from the agony of getting swept in our first playoff experience , to the jubilation of winning our only playoff series ever, to hearing the name Rafael Araujo in the ’04 draft and nearly having a heart attack, I’ve been through it all with you, even if it was from thousands of miles away, and I think it’s entirely safe to say that I’ve been TRAP’D Since 95!

- Shannon Scott

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For as long as I remember knowing how to tie shoelaces, the sport of basketball has been one of the main topics of conversation within ears distance of my being. I grew up playing basketball because my father would not allow me to hula dance, and I remember feeling so resentful towards my parents for pushing me into a sport I felt inherently disadvantaged in because of my height… until I witnessed the likes of Muggsy Bogues and Damon Stoudamire playing in (my then favourite colour) purple jerseys. Watching them play the game I was just learning to play influenced a paradigm shift during my youth. What you may lack in height, you better make up for in heart. I later found out that skill is another component in this jigsaw— something that I just could not master...

It was not until I was a bit older until I started to appreciate the Raptors organization. I had always been a Chicago Bulls fan, but it is the genetic makeup of Toronto’s team that TRAP’D me. The Raptors organization has a track record of acquiring under-the-radar talent that eventually develop into top tier stars. Vince Carter before he became Vince Carter.. this did not happen by fluke— fertile soil is needed for any seed to blossom.

I have been a fan of basketball since forever, but I’ve been TRAP’D Since 95.

- Haze C.

Shaun Brandon Moore

My bio's coming soon.

- William Ryan Pressley

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Mikey Charley

William Ryan Pressley

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I’ve been TRAP'D since before this franchise had a moniker. I vividly remember the contest that was held to name the new Toronto NBA franchise and, yes, I was excited that the name "Raptors" was chosen despite the naysayers!

You will notice I am very big on strategy, analyzing players’ abilities and tendencies. I also like to dawn my GM hat from time to time, pondering various transactions and sometimes even throwing out preposterous trade ideas; it’s all love! I keep it fun and I keep it real.

There’s so many Raptor moments I remember over the years; from Alvin Robertson’s inaugural franchise bucket, to T-Mac posterizing Kornel David (who eventually passed through the roster), to Mo-Pete’s plethora of insane shots (the miraculous game-saving hoist vs. the Wizards ranks highest in my book)! I could go on for days.

I had an unforgettable opportunity during the 2014 Playoffs to cover the Raptors as a part of the “Flow To The Finals” team. That was one of those amazing life experiences, especially getting to revel with all the passionate Raptors fans both at Jurassic Park and even when we invaded Broooook-lyyyyn! I just can’t get enough!

I love my city and I love my Raptors! Let’s get it!

- Michael Charles

Haze C.

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| ˈterəpped |

n.     A die-hard Toronto Raptors fan devoted to the point they appear trapped in a euphoric state of never ending support.

"The fans in Jurassic Park were so TRAP'D after 20 years of watching the Raptors."


Early 21st century​:

from Toronto Raptors Diehard - T + RAP' + D